About Us

The fitness industry is confusing and complicated by design. Seeking mastery of the simple moving parts of strength and conditioning is difficult as most of the truth is lost in the many voices proclaiming their way is the one true way. We aren’t interested in fads or lifestyles, just good mastery of the basics and the scientific principles that back good training.

As strength and fitness consultants, we are interested in good coaching, simple and effective programs, and teaching our students and clients to understand and implement this approach for themselves.  We take a scientific and compassionate approach to designing your best path to strength and fitness that fits your lifestyle and goals.

As educators, we teach our practical approach to strength and fitness to trainers, coaches, and gyms as outlined in our book, Play the Ball As It Lies.  We educate our students on the broader picture and teach them how to make good choices for the longevity of their client relationships.  We clarify good weight room practices and effective program development for motivated trainers and individuals training themselves.

For more information, see our website:  Practical Strength for Trainers

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